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Photo:  Angela Gzowski

Shireen Mansouri, MD

Certified Compassion Cultivation Teacher

Compassion in Health Care

  • Renewing Purpose

  • Recovering Humanity

  • Reclaiming Joy


Photo:  Dr Suraiya Naidoo 

Ways we can work together

Shireen is able to offer both formal Compassion Cultivation Training as well as sessions tailored to your groups needs.


Photo:  Dr Suraiya Naidoo 


The Compassion Cultivation Training course really exceeded my expectations, and it has really helped me grow as a person and professionally.  I especially appreciated the compassionate and insightful facilitation by Shireen, and the opportunity to explore compassion with my own community of coworkers and peers. The combination of personal growth in the company of peers is powerful, and builds something bigger than all of us.  Thank you Shireen!”

“Shireen’s ability to practice what she teaches is what makes her an invaluable instructor. I am privileged to have her as a colleague and after taking her CCT course, I am better able to understand her continued ability to extend compassion, receive compassion and practice self-compassion. CCT has helped me to find continued joy and meaning in my work” 


Photo:  Dr Suraiya Naidoo 

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