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Compassion Cultivation Training

CCT is an 8-week contemplative based course, developed at Stanford University.  It is comprised of a 2-hour weekly class, with large and small group interactive learning, as well as guided meditations and exercises to do at home.  The course is based on the belief that compassion is innate and can be cultivated, and draws on contemplative traditions, contemporary psychology, and neuroscience. It is designed to be delivered online or in person.

Next Course- For health care practitioners- Sundays 4PM PST starting May 8th 2022- e-mail for details 


Photo:  Dr Suraiya Naidoo 

Compassion Cultivation Intensive

This is an 8 hour course which can be delivered as a full day, two half days or four 2-hour sessions.  It is designed to be an introduction to Compassion Cultivation and can be delivered online or in person.

Speaking and Workshops

Shireen has extensive experience speaking to groups of health care providers about Compassion in health care, the science of compassion and how to cultivate and sustain compassion.  She is able to provide talks or workshops of any length to your group.

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